Monday, September 19, 2011

September 15th

This post its about the holidays of day independence in México exclusively, the party its in everywhere in large of the country, cause we are mexicans and we proud of that, but not only for the day for the day of independence, also the history and the raices of all the people born here.

Well, chaching the subject a little, I'll gonna talk about the real party in my city, I live in Mérida city, best know as "The White City". A truly calm city in the south west of México, when the criminals don't exist, literally, and the night party is short comparing with another citys of México.

The party of independence day begins at midnight and everywhere start to scream "VIVA MEXICO" life to the heroes of independence and all kind of that stuff. Actually this year was less funny that the last one, I have share a lot with my friends, I drank tequila (just a little) for my luck I didn't get drunk!!! and nothing, just that, It was another simple party... but It was fun after all, I'm very glad not  getting drunk.

I hope you guys enjoy this little history 


  1. Viva Mexico! Sounds like a great party :).

  2. nice, really nice post (: followed !

  3. Heh, this is kind of interesting.

  4. There are so many events in Mexico and Portugal and latin countries where people just YELL and SCREAM and... well...