Friday, April 6, 2012

Unboxing: Xbox 360 Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect.

The expected time for the fans of Star Wars has arrived. If you do not have an Xbox 360 or yours is already very old, this is the best time to do one. Without any doubt, I can tell that this is the coolest model Xbox 360 I've had the pleasure of seeing.

Whether you already saved and are ready to buy as if they are still undecided, here we leave you with the video of the Unboxing. Judge for yourself.

Erratum: Yes you can get a white Kinect, as it comes packaged with a limited edition white version also Xbox 360, but is difficult to achieve. We regret the imprecision and appreciate the kind comments we noted the error.

Friday, March 30, 2012

First Anniversary of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is obsessed with 3D. This obsession has been commercial failures like the Virtual Boy and the current hits like 3DS. From the Famicom 3D System, which employed a rudimentary system of liquid crystal to provide the feeling of depth in Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (the first 3D game in the history of Nintendo), to the screen using a barrier system parallax to produce the effect in 3DS, Nintendo has come a long way of experimentation. Today, the successor of one of the most successful consoles of all time, Nintendo DS (and all its variants), a year after being released in our continent. Therefore, we dedicate this brief text to a console that looks to be historical.

If we analyze it from a purely commercial 3D has caused a few headaches in Nintendo. Falling prices triggered an alarm in 3DS many "analysts" who predicted the end of the age of laptops and the beginning of the reign of smartphones. But today, with about 15 million systems worldwide distributed, no one preaches to Nintendo or a dismal failure in the handheld market.

The first time I saw the 3DS memory that had been invited to Atomix special Pokémon Live. Pilotwings Resort and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition were the two captive release. Later, back at Atomix, I bought my own 3DS Ocarina of Time. The drought suffered by the system software in the coming months undermined the trust of many buyers and Nintendo, due to this and other factors, he knew he would not achieve the sales goals figuratively. Then we heard about the price cut and the ambassador program. I'm not angry, was finally able to play several classic notebook I could not enjoy at the time. Nintendo made a good decision: the notebook sales skyrocketed enough to make over with the heavyweights who left at year end. Mario Kart Super Mario 3D 7 and Land cleared all doubts about the future of 3DS.

Today we are one year of its release. This week goes on sale one of the first titles were announced for the handheld system. Kid Icarus: Uprising has all the pedigree of Sakurai (Kirby and Smash Bros). No wonder: is the return of a franchise that had been missing for over twenty years. The 3DS has survived from a high introductory price until a wave of bad press, rumors, malicious software and drought.

Nintendo needed a solid base to launch its next home console. The aggressive decisions for the company history, were responses to avoid a crisis that could affect their welfare, especially for the vulnerability involving U Wii launch later this year. They succeeded: the 3DS broke the sales record of its big brother, the DS, before their first birthday and in several markets around the world is sold at a healthy pace.

The 3DS is the result of Nintendo's long history as kings of portable entertainment. Throughout its history the company has successfully passed many crises and, in one form or another, has remained in the game. For today can hold a 3DS in their hands, they had many things happen: the Game & Watch, that strange combination of hardware that was both the software, the Game Boy, which practically had a life of more than a decade , the Game Boy Advance, Virtual Boy failure and Gumpei Yokoi, the hit DS, which seemed crazy when it was announced, among a host of other variables.

When they hold a 3DS think about the decades of history that have materialized in this small appliance. Talking about the magic of a product is almost always a ploy of marketing, but who has enjoyed the detailed 3D worlds of Mario Land lying in bed in the darkness of his room can not deny that, close and save the unit to go to sleep, suddenly there is less magic in the air.

Happy first year, 3DS. We want to see you meet many.

Friday, March 23, 2012

iPad 3 in México City

Since yesterday morning began to see some people formed outside the MacStore Polanco in Mexico City, an amount that was increasing as night fell. Around midnight a little over sixty people were the lucky first buyers of the new iPad.

According to reports, from nine in the morning of March 22 began to form some people, with Javier Mendoza, a student of Information Management, the first to arrive. Of course he lost a day of school all day to be outside the MacStore formed, at the corner of Masarik.

Something that caught the attention of the media is that it was not much enthusiasm for Apple fans, for remembering our coverage of last year were about 250 people attended the event, in comparison, this year was not even a quarter of that amount.

Regardless of the amount of people attending, Apple fans were excited at the edge of 0:00 pm on March 23 when they were allowed to enter to buy the new iPhone with its powerful Retina display, the main new feature of the third generation of the iPhone.

Javier Mendoza was indeed the first to enter the store located in the Polanco neighborhood and hurriedly picked up a box with the tablet to be the first store in New iPad facturársele. The buyer said he sold his original iPad did little to supplement the money to the tablet, though, as we all did not know the exact price. Acquired the basic version: With WiFi and 16GB of 7,599.00 pesos.

Twitter could also read comments that thought Apple enthusiasts will soon acquire the Apple tablet

As the night progressed the other members of the row, which began more than twelve hours before, entered the store and took the box to appreciate almost immediately formed in line of the box. It stopped being there to read carefully the description of the packaging of the new iPad.

About an hour and a half after opening the store was over the line of shoppers and the store was practically empty.

Despite no 4G network in Mexico and that the device has overheating problems, the new iPhone will be successful in sales. It is recalled that State together sold over three million units in its first three days on sale.

The third iPhone is now available throughout Mexico in all MacStore, iShop and department stores. Also, is already on sale in 24 other countries.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Diablo III

The wait is over for fans of the Diablo series from Blizzard, the company today issued a press release detailing the game Diablo III will be available for purchase in both physical and digital formats, the next May 15 and PC Mac, and can be pre-ordered from now on the official site of the game

The third part of the Diablo series will cost $ 60 and will also feature a special edition in physical format that includes:

Special collector packaging.
The complete set.
A BD / DVD with behind the making
A CD with the soundtrack.
An art book.
Complete copies of Diablo II and its expansion.
  ficial of the game.

Monday, March 12, 2012

iPad 3

The new iPad is coming!

Here I left some pics of the newest tablet of Apple, here some features of the new in this amazing iPad. Enjoy !!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Presentation of PSVITA in México City

Here I have some photos to compile browsing the internet, this fun and anticipated event which stood on 9 February. I hope they enjoy it

Friday, February 3, 2012

JBL OnBeat Xtreme

Taking on a widening field of Apple AirPlay-branded speaker docks and systems, the JBL OnBeat Xtreme is a Bluetooth-streaming contender that, at $499.95 (direct), is just as expensive as the top AirPlay competitors. It's not technically an "AirPlay" system—you won't find those words on the box—but it uses Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi to utilize the same AirPlay button on Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. The OnBeat Xtreme sounds better than just about all of its AirPlay competition, delivering powerful bass and crisp highs—even at very high volumes—and it suffers from none of the stream-interruption issues that plague the Audyssey Audio Dock Air ($399.99, 3.5 stars) and the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air ($549.99, 3.5 stars). JBL's On Air Wireless ($349.95, 2.5 stars) was a clunker, but the company more than redeems itself with the OnBeat Xtreme, which earns our Editors' Choice for high-end wireless speaker docks.

The OnBeat Xtreme is constructed of slick black plastic and metallic highlights. Its wavy design won't be for everyone—it looks like a missing piece of a Klingon ship console—but, at the very least, the design houses some excellent-sounding drivers and a very useful docking arm. (Ironically, many of the AirPlay "docks" out currently lack an actual physical dock). Measuring roughly 9 by 17.5 by 9.6 inches (HWD), the hefty 8.9-pound OnBeat Xtreme features a docking arm for the iPad, iPods, and iPhone that shifts between vertical and horizontal viewing modes, making it a mini-theater for movie watching—a mini theater with some seriously powerful audio.

The OnBeat Xtreme uses two 30-watt woofers and two 15-watt tweeters for a combined 90 watts of power. The front panel hides a microphone along with those speakers, so you can use the system as a speakerphone, via Bluetooth, to answer incoming calls. A small strip of controls on the right end of the unit houses buttons for Power, Volume, Pairing, and Telephone—which is what you press to answer an incoming call when you hear your phone alert through the speakers. The back panel has a 3.5mm Aux input, a Video out (another thoughtful inclusion, which allows you to use the speakers while sending the video on your phone, say, to your television), a USB port (to sync docked iOS devices to an iTunes library on a computer), and the power adapter connection.

The included remote is a bit larger than a typical boombox remote, and the buttons are nicer, as well—rubber instead of the standard membrane buttons found on cheap remotes. It allows you full menu navigation of your music menus, as well as the ability to change audio sources or EQ settings. That brings us to one shortcoming of the system—there is no "off" setting for the EQ. There are five modes: Music (the default setting, which sounds good, but there should still be a Flat or Off mode), Movies, Chat, Internet Radio, and Game. Obviously, JBL believes each is optimized for the specific purposes listed, but you'd probably be just fine leaving things set to the default EQ mode.

There's also a free app you can download for the OnBeat Extreme that manages your music library, and offers a clean design that displays album art. But it's pretty pointless when iTunes and the music menus on the iPad and iPhone are already top notch.

The OnBeat Xtreme certainly earns the second half of its moniker—this thing gets loud. Not only that, but it sounds great doing it, with clear definition through the frequency range. Despite having some particularly powerful bass response that could easily get muddy, it never does. Highs are crisp and clear and the low-end is deep, powerful, but always articulate. It's hard to believe that it sounds this good streaming via Bluetooth, but there's little to complain about here. Two songs we use to see if systems will distort on deep bass at very high volumes, Thom Yorke's "Cymbal Rush" and The Knife's "Silent Shout," showed zero distortion, even at maximum volume. Although there are some Bluetooth artifacts—very minor—that resemble a slight crackling distortion at times, this is only really noticeable at very high volumes, and even then, it's not blatant. Obviously, these artifacts disappear when listening to docked devices, and you're left with the system's excellent performance.

John Adams' modern classical piece, "The Chairman Dances" sounds full and vibrant, with crisp, clear highs that highlight woodblock percussion and deep lows that add some subtle body to the lower register strings and large drum hits.

Rock music sounds powerful on the OnBeat Xtreme—Radiohead's "Staircase" has a punchy bass line that sounds intense without overwhelming the rest of the heavily compressed mix. The opening guitar riff of "Rocks Off," sounds beautifully bright, and when the bass rolls in, it is far more reserved than the bass in the Radiohead mix, showing that the OnBeat Xtreme can handle mixes both bass-heavy and more natural-sounding without failing to do either justice.

Because of its powerful sound (wireless or not), ease of use, and extra functionality, from acting as a Bluetooth speakerphone to being the audio system for iPod videos you send to your TV, the OnBeat Xtreme is a giant leap ahead of most its competition. It's a wonder that JBL can produce two systems so completely far apart in audio performance and usability. Avoid the JBL On Air Wireless, and spend the extra cash on the JBL OnBeat Xtreme, which is better than most of the AirPlay docks we've tested and easily wins our Editors' Choice unseating the AirPlay-enabled Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air ($499.95, 4 stars).

It may dock the iPad, but you are more likely to find yourself using the OnBeat xtreme wirelessly, streaming audio via Bluetooth.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Marvel VS. Capcom 3 for PSVITA

Great fighters and two different universes: everything fits into a notebook. That's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the PS Vita. With a very attractive list as part of the launch games for Sony's new portable, Capcom will be there with one of his most iconic games and fights favorite for many in the last decade. Following the review of the game.

Get ready for the fight of your life!
I do not know about you, but whenever we have a new console is impossible not to be excited, regardless of the company that is behind it. Hundreds of hours of fun and games at our fingertips and we can take with us everywhere seems argument enough. In fact, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a prime example.

Being the most recent version of this release which came out in November last year, the list of players totals more than 45 characters. Great stars of both worlds come together for the fight of his life in order to save the universe. You might say they are almost all the favorites, although there will always be one that is not unhappy and ask to see this particular superhero or character that could one day get to play (perhaps as DLC, Capcom is an expert on this).

This is a version that we saw last year, which gives us about the game modes are the same as before, only now on a laptop and a fantastic magic. And is that the game looks beautiful: it's pixel perfect. However, I can not say the same of the menus have a slight edge closes, as we call them. As for the story and journey, well, the point is to save the Earth from Galactus with your dream tertiary players. In my case, I always choose to Spider Man, Wolverine and Dante, but sometimes a change of Deadpool.

Being the most recent version of this release which came out in November last year, the list of players totals more than 45 characters. Great stars of both worlds come together for the fight of his life in order to save the universe. You might say they are almost all the favorites, although there will always be one that is not unhappy and ask to see this particular superhero or character that could one day get to play (perhaps as DLC, Capcom is an expert on this).

This is a version that we saw last year, which gives us about the game modes are the same as before, only now on a laptop and a fantastic magic. And is that the game looks beautiful: it's pixel perfect. However, I can not say the same of the menus have a slight edge closes, as we call them. As for the story and journey, well, the point is to save the Earth from Galactus with your dream tertiary players. In my case, I always choose to Spider Man, Wolverine and Dante, but sometimes a change of Deadpool.

Touch my screen!
The PS Vita is a system that was designed to harness and exploit the advantages of the touch screen that includes the menu when you turn on the console, navigate the options and applications and, of course, play. In this case, being a fighting game, the touch function is used more as a simple addition tools and beyond to be helpful. It's like a form of gambling to difficulties not so high and, especially, to learn and show off this feature, but it is not the best thing when you play online or try to save the world in the highest difficulty. However, it appreciates the efforts of Capcom. I'm sure many will find this fascinating, while others forget it completely.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Playstation Vita

The first thing you notice when you open the box PlayStation Vita is the size of the notebook, it is possible to put an iPhone on Vita and this will only reach to cover it. Compared to the PSP, Vita is when you hold it longer in front. Although the thickness of the device at first glance seem greater, is the same as that of his predecessor. The effect is due to its curvature, a detail that makes it comfortable to hold. If you want to get an idea of how you feel, think of the first model of PSP but more comfortable.

After playing around with the PSP and then Vita, I felt my hands were holding something more like a home console control than a notebook. That is, we're used to straight angles. Both PSP Nintendo as we had presented the same rectangular devices. The 3DS is a good example: it is small and has 90 degree angles everywhere. The PSP, despite its sides rounded, has a more angular design. The PlayStation Vita fills the hand. Do not feel you are holding something smaller, the play will be an experience more akin to that of the control of a notebook. In addition, the weight is surprisingly light for its size. Despite being considerably larger than a 3DS (235 grams), is more or less the same weight (260 grams).

The finishes are top quality equipment. I noticed no structural or assembly imperfections. Each piece fits neatly in place. At the top you will find some buttons with metallic finish on and off the Vita as well as to control the volume. The device has a metal-colored plastic contour that will remind the PSP, except that Vita is more elegant (as Pidgeotto). Both the touchpad back as the front is very pleasant to touch. Give the same feeling that the L and R (and later speak of them). Overall, the PlayStation Vita is light, but the quality of its assembly and finishing is of a premium product. The low weight is all that remains a bit of impact to the image, but it makes sense that Sony sought a lightweight portable to avoid fatigue after hours of hold.

the screen
This is the aspect that caught my attention. It's beautiful. They are 5 inch AMOLED capacitive touch (in contrast to the 3DS display, which is resistive) absolutely stunning. After several hours with Uncharted: Golden Abyss charts I noticed some inconsistencies inherent in a regular graphic optimization. Come on, is a first generation title. Surely games in the future we will achieve fully exploit the potential of Vita.

All Vita upper cover is one piece that connects the screen beautifully with the rest of the device. No one at the top edge of the device, except for the buttons and stereo speakers. Vita design seems designed to accentuate your screen. Unfortunately, as there is on the PlayStation Store Vita in our region, we were unable to test PSP games and digital downloads Uncharted: Golden Abyss (remember that the titles will be available in both physical and digital).

It's nice to press the buttons on the index fingers. The circular surface of L and R is more friendly to the touch than the little square buttons on the previous console. One detail I did not notice until I play a PSP is that the buttons circle, square, triangle and cross are smaller in the Vita. It is not something to panic, but it is more comfortable pushing buttons larger. I imagine a title that asks you to hold down one of these buttons can be painful. Something similar happens with Mario Kart 7 in the 3DS: after a while to accelerate with A or Y buttons start to hurt your finger. In a quick comparison, 3DS buttons are slightly larger than the PlayStation Vita. The cross (now it is a cross) is also smaller directional, but it is quite comfortable. In fact, I think it is better placed than the 3DS. With Vita no such problem: you can press any button in comfort important to Select and Start or Home. The latter, almost forgot to mention-You can set to turn in different colors depending on what happens to the PS Vita. Function as charge indicator, battery low, that they received a message or have notifications in the message center. A good alternative to traditional light bulbs and colors of the Nintendo consoles.

I liked the analog sticks until I started playing. While I think that the 3DS is more comfortable, it's nice to have two that allow you to move the camera. It's like playing with a mini-lever of a normal control adapted from the 3DS rather glides across a surface. In Vita, instead of sliding, move the lever as if it were a PS3 control, but by this feature there is less room to move the fingers, resulting in less precision in some cases, because the movements should be very subtle. In the 3DS this problem does not exist, because there is a greater range of movement, allowing for more natural movement with the thumb. Despite all this, I enjoyed Uncharted: Golden Abyss without major complications (except to point). I recommend adjusting the sensitivity in the options of title and lower a bit. After a few minutes, forget the control and begin to enjoy any title.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The most played games in 2011 for xbox 360

Microsoft today revealed the list of games that most people played last year. Come to see the full story.

First we have the games in physical form:

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
3. Modern Warfare 2
4. Halo: Reach
5. Battlefield 3
6. Skyrim
7. Gears of War 3
8. FIFA 12
9. FIFA Soccer 11
10. Madden NFL 12
11. GTA IV
12. NBA 2K11
13. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
14. Call of Duty 4
15. Battlefield 3 Beta
16. Halo 3
17. Gears of War 2
18. Forza Motorsport 4
19. Red Dead Redemption
20. Call of Duty: World at War

Then there is the downloadable games:

1. Pinball FX2
2. Full House Poker
3. Castle Crashers
4. Fruit Ninja Kinect
5. from Dust
6. Trials HD
7. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
8. Dead Rising 2: Case West
9. Torchlight
10. Toy Soldiers: Cold War
11. Plants vs. zombies
12. Portal: Still Alive
13. Bastion
14. limbo
15. Game Room
16. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
17. Peggle
18. Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale
19. Battlefield 1943
20. Beyond Good & Evil HD

Finally Indie games:

1. Chapter 1 FortressCraft
2. Total Miner: Forge
3. The Impossible Game
4. Avatar Paintball
5. Toy Stunt Bike
6. CastleMiner Z
8. Avatar Legends
9. CastleMiner
10. Miner Dig Deep
11. Laser Wars Avatar
12. Bird Assassin
13. Voice Changer 360
14. nuclear Wasteland
15. Avatar Karting
16. Zombie Estate
17. Avatar Drop
18. Baby Maker Extreme 2
19. College Lacrosse 2011
20. The $ 1 Zombie Game

What do you think of these lists? What were the most played titles you in 2011?