Friday, January 13, 2012

Playstation Vita

The first thing you notice when you open the box PlayStation Vita is the size of the notebook, it is possible to put an iPhone on Vita and this will only reach to cover it. Compared to the PSP, Vita is when you hold it longer in front. Although the thickness of the device at first glance seem greater, is the same as that of his predecessor. The effect is due to its curvature, a detail that makes it comfortable to hold. If you want to get an idea of how you feel, think of the first model of PSP but more comfortable.

After playing around with the PSP and then Vita, I felt my hands were holding something more like a home console control than a notebook. That is, we're used to straight angles. Both PSP Nintendo as we had presented the same rectangular devices. The 3DS is a good example: it is small and has 90 degree angles everywhere. The PSP, despite its sides rounded, has a more angular design. The PlayStation Vita fills the hand. Do not feel you are holding something smaller, the play will be an experience more akin to that of the control of a notebook. In addition, the weight is surprisingly light for its size. Despite being considerably larger than a 3DS (235 grams), is more or less the same weight (260 grams).

The finishes are top quality equipment. I noticed no structural or assembly imperfections. Each piece fits neatly in place. At the top you will find some buttons with metallic finish on and off the Vita as well as to control the volume. The device has a metal-colored plastic contour that will remind the PSP, except that Vita is more elegant (as Pidgeotto). Both the touchpad back as the front is very pleasant to touch. Give the same feeling that the L and R (and later speak of them). Overall, the PlayStation Vita is light, but the quality of its assembly and finishing is of a premium product. The low weight is all that remains a bit of impact to the image, but it makes sense that Sony sought a lightweight portable to avoid fatigue after hours of hold.

the screen
This is the aspect that caught my attention. It's beautiful. They are 5 inch AMOLED capacitive touch (in contrast to the 3DS display, which is resistive) absolutely stunning. After several hours with Uncharted: Golden Abyss charts I noticed some inconsistencies inherent in a regular graphic optimization. Come on, is a first generation title. Surely games in the future we will achieve fully exploit the potential of Vita.

All Vita upper cover is one piece that connects the screen beautifully with the rest of the device. No one at the top edge of the device, except for the buttons and stereo speakers. Vita design seems designed to accentuate your screen. Unfortunately, as there is on the PlayStation Store Vita in our region, we were unable to test PSP games and digital downloads Uncharted: Golden Abyss (remember that the titles will be available in both physical and digital).

It's nice to press the buttons on the index fingers. The circular surface of L and R is more friendly to the touch than the little square buttons on the previous console. One detail I did not notice until I play a PSP is that the buttons circle, square, triangle and cross are smaller in the Vita. It is not something to panic, but it is more comfortable pushing buttons larger. I imagine a title that asks you to hold down one of these buttons can be painful. Something similar happens with Mario Kart 7 in the 3DS: after a while to accelerate with A or Y buttons start to hurt your finger. In a quick comparison, 3DS buttons are slightly larger than the PlayStation Vita. The cross (now it is a cross) is also smaller directional, but it is quite comfortable. In fact, I think it is better placed than the 3DS. With Vita no such problem: you can press any button in comfort important to Select and Start or Home. The latter, almost forgot to mention-You can set to turn in different colors depending on what happens to the PS Vita. Function as charge indicator, battery low, that they received a message or have notifications in the message center. A good alternative to traditional light bulbs and colors of the Nintendo consoles.

I liked the analog sticks until I started playing. While I think that the 3DS is more comfortable, it's nice to have two that allow you to move the camera. It's like playing with a mini-lever of a normal control adapted from the 3DS rather glides across a surface. In Vita, instead of sliding, move the lever as if it were a PS3 control, but by this feature there is less room to move the fingers, resulting in less precision in some cases, because the movements should be very subtle. In the 3DS this problem does not exist, because there is a greater range of movement, allowing for more natural movement with the thumb. Despite all this, I enjoyed Uncharted: Golden Abyss without major complications (except to point). I recommend adjusting the sensitivity in the options of title and lower a bit. After a few minutes, forget the control and begin to enjoy any title.

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