Friday, March 23, 2012

iPad 3 in México City

Since yesterday morning began to see some people formed outside the MacStore Polanco in Mexico City, an amount that was increasing as night fell. Around midnight a little over sixty people were the lucky first buyers of the new iPad.

According to reports, from nine in the morning of March 22 began to form some people, with Javier Mendoza, a student of Information Management, the first to arrive. Of course he lost a day of school all day to be outside the MacStore formed, at the corner of Masarik.

Something that caught the attention of the media is that it was not much enthusiasm for Apple fans, for remembering our coverage of last year were about 250 people attended the event, in comparison, this year was not even a quarter of that amount.

Regardless of the amount of people attending, Apple fans were excited at the edge of 0:00 pm on March 23 when they were allowed to enter to buy the new iPhone with its powerful Retina display, the main new feature of the third generation of the iPhone.

Javier Mendoza was indeed the first to enter the store located in the Polanco neighborhood and hurriedly picked up a box with the tablet to be the first store in New iPad facturársele. The buyer said he sold his original iPad did little to supplement the money to the tablet, though, as we all did not know the exact price. Acquired the basic version: With WiFi and 16GB of 7,599.00 pesos.

Twitter could also read comments that thought Apple enthusiasts will soon acquire the Apple tablet

As the night progressed the other members of the row, which began more than twelve hours before, entered the store and took the box to appreciate almost immediately formed in line of the box. It stopped being there to read carefully the description of the packaging of the new iPad.

About an hour and a half after opening the store was over the line of shoppers and the store was practically empty.

Despite no 4G network in Mexico and that the device has overheating problems, the new iPhone will be successful in sales. It is recalled that State together sold over three million units in its first three days on sale.

The third iPhone is now available throughout Mexico in all MacStore, iShop and department stores. Also, is already on sale in 24 other countries.