Friday, December 2, 2011

Mega Man 25th Anniversary

Globally, 2012 will be a special year for countless gamers. What event will take place? On December 17, 1987 was published in Japan's first title of one of the longest running series in the industry and introduced one of the most beloved by those who have ever moved a control. We're talking about Mega Man ​​and turns 25 next year. We know that there are still 13 months to reach this anniversary, but expectations could not be higher. This year was the 25th anniversary of Zelda and we saw the work that was Nintendo. So we ask: in 2012, what game (s) can fans expect from the Blue Bomber to celebrate?

I, as a fan to the bone of Mega Man, in early 2011 could not be happier, as they were two titles in production all eagerly awaited. However, in March Mega Man Universe is canceled and a few months after Mega Man Legends 3 would suffer the same fate. And, today, the future of blue titanium hero may seem very bleak. Capcom has given no indication of a new project or because of loss of a rediciĆ³n-release-version-of-director-HD-Turbo-Ultimate Mega Man

In other anniversaries Capcom really delighted us with a variety of titles for all the Mega Man series of games does not matter if were regular, good or bad, were years in which we could still enjoy the games of Mega Man ​​But in the last five years, except MM MM 9 and 10, this series has fallen into a spiral that ends in a bottomless pit, just like those found in games.

As Asher said recently: "There are more mega manes than you can imagine" (or something), and that either the classic series or a subsequent series (X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Network or Starforce) nobody can deny the relevance of Mega Man ​​in this industry.

For those who have their sights set on December 2012, and time running out and it is disturbing that Capcom is still not announce anything. Is this the worst anniversary of Mega Man? How early will receive a signal coming we happy? We only have to wait, just as it says the end of Mega Man ​​X: "But Only Time Will Tell, When and why".

To you, what game (s) would like to surprise that Capcom published in the 25 th anniversary of Mega Man?

To me, I'd love to revive the project of Mega Man Mania, which was to be a compilation of the five Mega Man games that were released on the Game Boy. Obviously, it would be great to have a title in the Mega Man X series, but considering the anticipated time that Mega Man 9, I doubt that a new set of MM X is in production.

Also, what was the first Mega Man ​​played and how important was your series?


  1. Mega man. I love this game since 2000 :)

  2. I miss these nostalgic games. I'm tempted to bust out my old nes/snes

  3. i feel so proud to say that the my birth day is on the day megaman was relesed now i feel good about being born december 17 and it will make it a really happy birthday with the 25th anniversity being on my b-day!

  4. i miss so much the days when i played megaman!